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The animals calling themselves NPP

The animals calling themselves NPP are so stupid and foolish to the extent of collapsing the Ghanaian economy. Which idiot among them is attempting to convince Ghanaians to accept the nonsense that, it is covid-19 and Ukraine invasion that caused our economic downturn?

Had they proven to be people with common sense, that useless Akufo Addo would have taken the advice to stop using his $14,000 per hour luxury private jet in his first attempt.

We wouldn’t have gotten into this economic quagmire as we find ourselves in today. They have indeed proven to be animals who don’t care whether Ghana is dieing or not, so long as they are satisfied as animals.

Sincerely before God and man, I have always said and maintained that any Ghanaian who still supports NPP from 2022 leading up to 2024 is honestly an animal without a head. You can agree or disagree with me, I don’t care much about that.

What I care about is that the majority of Ghanaians must understand and take a mental note that, from the topmost man to the very last person of NPP on the ground who still support and defend the REBEL ORGANIZATION called NPP, are true animals without heads.

Kick them out, prosecute and give them life imprisonment sentences if not firing squad to serve as a deterrent if indeed, we want to preserve our democracy and constitutional rule.

Baba Iddrisu is a member of the Caucus for Mature Democrats (CMD).



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