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Mahama must go unopposed campaign series #4

One of the feedbacks I had for my previous edition was that even though President Mahama is the preferred flag-bearer for 2024 others should be allowed to contest the next presidential primary election so that money could be raised from filing fees. I disagree with this because money usually obtain from filing fees are relatively small. For instance, the total cost for filing for the NDC 2019, presidential primary election per candidate was Ghc420,000, Ghc20,000 for forms and 400,000 as filing fee.

The total fees obtained from the 7 aspirants was Ghc2,940,000 which is even not enough to take care of polling agents on Election Day. In 2020, Ghc24,750,000 was spent on polling agents. Three agents were deployed, two at polling a station and one as a prompter.

There were 33,000 polling stations and each agent received Ghc200. Let’s say breakfast, lunch, and super for each agent cost Ghc50. This is not a joke, I’m yet to compute other expenses before, during and after the elections.

Rules are made to be broken because if everyone travels within the bounds of given rules, no horizons will ever be expanded. While I’m not suggesting that the NDC blithely ignore the party’s rules, some rules need to be broken to leave room for more exciting opportunities that will benefit everyone. Let Mahama go unopposed to save money for the main campaign.

Please enjoy “Summer in the streets” by Carrie Lucas and don’t forget to join me here between 8:40 p.m. and 9.00 p.m. everyday. I’m going to serve you with succinct write-ups spiced with a cocktail of good music.

Anthony Obeng Afrane



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