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The next Ghana’s Ambassador to the US in 2025

Dr. Lawrence writes:
The next Ghana’s Ambassador to the US in 2025

I went to the NPP End of Summer Event (cook-out) on October 1, 2022 at the invitation of my friend, who is the Chapter Organizer for NPP Washington Metro, Kwadwo DC. My intention of going there was to have fun, have a chat with Ambassador Hajia Alima Mahama and take pictures with some of my NPP friends.

I got there and to my greatest shock, the Ghana’s Ambassador to the US, H.E. Hajia Alima Mahama was clothed in a long uniform with NPP colors. She was always with Hon Ama Sey, a former NPP MP and Janis Asare-Bediako, the Chairman of the NPP Washington Chapter. They were all in full uniform of NPP colors. The CEO of the AfricanPost publishing company, Mr Akwasi Bright, was also with them. You could see right away that the event was not for all Ghanaians but for the NPP.

I have taken my time to describe the picture of the NPP cook-out because we didn’t get the same picture when NDC was in power from 2008 to 2016. The Ambassadors we got here were for Ghana and not for NDC events. There was not a single NDC cook-out that saw any Ambassador at the event. The first time we invited an Ambassador to such as an event, I was part of the team and the Ambassador told us in plain language that, he was in the US not for only NDC but for all Ghanaians. He didn’t attend that cookout and never attended any of our events and meetings.

Anytime, we invited the Ambassadors to our monthly meetings, they will assign their Deputies to come and H.E. Edith Hazel never missed our meetings between 2010 and 2012, so far as I can remember.
I wouldn’t write about this if H.E. Alima Mahama had not made me know that, after all, Ambassadors could attend party events and wear party colors. The NDC Ambassadors made it look like it was a taboo, so the NDC fraternity in USA also accepted it like that.
I must say that even though, I couldn’t go close to H.E. Alima Mahama to have a chat with her, I felt good about her NPP outfit. I felt for the first time that NDC USA was betrayed and rejected by our NDC Ambassadors.

The Youth Organizer of the NDC, George Opare Addo Esq (Pablo) at an NDC USA meeting in Boston in March 2022 appealed to H.E. John Mahama that in terms of appointments, he should follow the footsteps of the NPP. I didn’t understand what Pablo said but now I agree with him. The president should never appoint a Ghana’s Ambassador to the US, who will feel ashamed to wear the NDC colors at NDC events and meetings. H.E. Hajia Alima Mahama, wore the NPP colors to an NPP cookout and I am proud of her. This should show us the way.
I will repost this article on January 10, 2025. God willing.

Mahama reba

Dr. Lawrence is the Founder of the Diaspora Progressive Movement in USA.



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