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Liberty University School of Business Dean Dr. Dave Brat presented former president John Mahama with a Global Leadership and Economic Impact Award during the second annual Networking the Nations CEO Summit on Wednesday evening.

Mahama served as president of Ghana from 2013 – 2017.

He made history when he became the first president of Ghana to serve in all levels of political office.

Under Mahama’s presidential oversight, Ghana saw a massive infrastructure development drive in all sectors of its economy, including education, health, ports and harbors, rail, oil, and gas.

“President Mahama was chosen for this award because he demonstrates all of the successful traits of Christian leadership under the greatest pressure and responsibility of governing and being the Chief Executive for a Nation Ghana,” Brat said.

“Mahama governed wisely, advocating and achieving a consistent track record on economic development, women’s participation in education, and enhancing economic growth.

Under great pressure, President Mahama still exhibits warmth and joy that resonated with everyone at the summit, and I am sure in his country because of his love for God and his faithful service to the person he said influences his life and decisions the most: Jesus, our Lord,” he added.

On Wednesday, October 5, 2022, Mahama addressed the student body during Convocation, where he spoke about the state of Africa and the importance of Christians witnessing the lost.

Mahama is taking part in the three-day summit, which concludes on Friday, along with a large roster of African leaders.

Liberty is hosting more than 630 CEOs, political figures, athletes, and world-class faith leaders with the goal of uniting industry minds from around the globe in promoting faith, friendship, and Judeo-Christian business principles.

On Wednesday, after an Africa Orientation panel, Mahama took time to speak with Liberty students who are originally from Africa.


Mahama is currently the singular person in Ghana now who can turn the akufo addo’s deliberately collapsed Ghanaian economy back to normalcy. The ruling npp government led by the mother serpent of Corruption, akufo addo are the primary and basic problem for Ghanaians to solve or FIX before Ghana can make any gains in this country called Ghana.

Ghanaians generally believe akufo addo deliberately collapsed the economy of Ghana with his $20,000 per hour wasteful luxury private jets, his government’s “see evil – do evil, defend evil and Corruption” type of government to the consistent financial loses caused by financial irregularities year to year basis from all sectors of government Institutions increasing every year.

We also believe that this leadership is made up of a criminal cabal who, by their corrupt nature, hate to hear taxpayers demand probity and accountability. They will simply turn DEATH👂EAR towards any such demands with impunity.

These clueless criminals will do everything under the sun, moon and stars to enrich themselves, family and friends if even the country will die or burn the couple of minutes.

I have no doubts in my honest minds eye in this submission because, I saw clearly when payments of salaries of government or public sector workers became rough and tough while parliament was alarmed crying foul on rooftops, akufo addo still flew in his $20,000 per hour luxury waste with such gross insensitivity and with impunity.

Upon cries of parliament, we still had minister of defense and minister of interior doing everything to defend the waste of public funds in partliament. Finding it uneasy to defend such waste, they told us our Ghanaian presidential jet had no bathroom facility, hence the need for the waste of public resources. CAN YOU IMAGINE HOW IT FEELS TO BE INSULTED IN THE FACE LIKE THIS IN PARLIAMENT?

Yet we Ghanaians had to endure every impunity of the akufo addo led grossly failed npp government till date as we speak.

To be able to overcome this evil group of dishonourable arrogant clueless thieves, it is therefore a collective duty, a communal labour in my view for all Ghanaians to come together and vote npp out of the jubilee house.

We must also resolve never again to accept npp anywhere near the presidency until we are certain, there are no more arrogant criminals and thieves like akufo addo led group.

Baba Iddrisu is a member of Caucus for Mature Democrats (CMD).



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