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What Mahama did to control the tidal waves menace in Ghana

Ghana like most of her sister countries is experiencing severe sea erosion problems at some parts of her 580-kilometre coastline. These have produced very damaging effects on tourism, fishing and other economic enterprises.

Not too long ago, residents living in some communities along the Keta – Aflao stretch were hit by tidal waves, which washed away some homes, leaving hundreds of residents displaced.

Similarly, five communities: Agavadzi, Salakope, Adina, Blekusu and Amutinu were also hit, causing destruction to hundreds of properties and displacing more than 1000 residents in the process.

President Mahama’s government started a number of Sea Defence and Coastal Protection Projects to safeguard coastal communities against the vagaries of the sea.

These projects include the Sakumono Sea Defence Project in Accra where work on a total stretch of 3.5 kilometres was started, Atorkor – Dzita – Anyanui in the Volta Region with a total stretch of 1.5km, Ada Sea Defence Project of 10km stretch and the Ngyiresia Coastal Protection Project designed to protect the main Sekondi-Essipong road in the Western Region from erosion commenced.

Others are the 23-million US dollar, 2.5km Nkontompo Coastal Works aimed at protecting life and development in the fishing communities of Nkontompo, Poasi and New Takoradi against wave impact as well as facilitating fishing activities; the 28.5-million dollar Aboadze Coastal Works designed to protect the Aboadze Thermal Plants as well as life and development in the Aboadze community against wave impact.

The rest are the 31.2 – million dollar Dansoman Coastal Protection Project in Accra, the objective of which is to protect life and development at Dansoman and its environs. Works under the 2km project entailed the construction of an armour rock revetment; and the Mensah Guinea Sea Defence Project which stretches from La to Chorkor in the Greater Accra Region.

So, you see, the Changing Lives and Transformational vision of Former President John Dramani Mahama was not only on course but holistic. This is the reason why I keep saying that our love for him must be unrequited. Let’s help him to continue his vision for Ghana by chanting a Psalm a day for him.

As my contribution to this worthy cause, I will not only chant a Psalm a day for JDM, but also write an article a day for him. This is my modest pledge.

Anthony Obeng Afrane



  1. The stupidity of this so-called government. You have no respect for the Voltarians. The sea is treating to wash away your own


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