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Parliament setting the stage for a coup in Ghana – Annor Dompreh

The Majority Chief Whip Frank Annor Dompreh has stated that happenings in the 8th Parliament is creating the grounds for military intervention. The 8th Parliament has been characterised by chaos over major decisions.

Among other things, the MP told Fawe FM in Nsawam that “but where we are heading towards, we the MPs are setting the stage for something like this [Military intervention ] to happen. It is very sad”.

Expressing concerns over the nature of disagreements in the House, the Nsawam -Adoagyir MP noted: “Where we are now in fact, look, if we members of Parliament do not advise ourselves, should something happen, all of us will be affected. And if you look at our history, anytime there has been this military intervention, Parliament stands dissolved first. So that has affected Parliament.

“Parliament is not very strong. So we want to build Parliamentary democracy but because of military interventions it is not very strong”.

The MP blamed a group he calls ” the Hawks” among the minority Caucus for the stalemate and misunderstanding in the 8th Parliament.

He said the Hawks are some Minority MPs strongly linked to former President  Mahama who has been kicking against agreements reached with minority leadership through consultations.

“There are some people among the minority Caucus known as hawks. They are in the middle bench. They are very close to their flagbearer to be. They act as liaisons. These hawks kick against decisions of their leadership”.

The comment comes in the wake of the Monday coup in Burkina Faso where the military has announced that it has taken over the administration of the country.

The 8th Parliament of Ghana is a hung Parliament hence it has been characterized by confusion and chaos during major decisions.

The election of the speaker of Parliament on January 7, 2022, was characterized by a brawl that forced the military and Police to intrude on the floor of Parliament in an attempt to restore law and order.

Another chaos broke out in Parliament on the night of December 21, 2021, during consideration of the controversial Electronic Transaction Levy (E-Levy) bill as Members of Parliament (MPs) engaged in a free for all fight.

The house failed to approve the bill before rising for Christmas and New year.

Source: Ghana/ Ansah



  1. So you are suggesting that the so-called hawks in Parliament are the reasons Ghanaians are kicking against the infamous E-levy?
    You guys can’t form a simple sentence without blaming Mahama. What a shame?


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