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NDC needs effective communication structure to win 2024 – Lawrence Arthur


A Deputy Communication officer aspirant for the Greater Accra Regional chapter of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Lawrence-Roland Arthur Atitianti has said he would provide a comprehensive and effective communication structure for the party to win the 2024 elections when voted as the Deputy Communication Officer of the Region.

According to him, the NDC has a better chance of winning the 2024 election but how it structured and disseminate its message to the electorates would be the cardinal issue, and that he has what it takes to provide support for such effective communication strategies in the region. He said, among of his vision is to, “mobilize the grassroots through effective and unbiased communication skills geared towards victory 2024 for the great NDC party”

Mr. Lawrence Arthur revealed this during an interview with EXPRESSNEWSGHANA in Accra at the weekend. He said the reasons for him seeking the mandate of the Greater Accra Regional delegates as a Deputy Communication office are “to uphold and enforce Article 14 (g) of the NDC Constitution for effective publicity and marketing of the party.”

In addition, the NDC Deputy Regional Communication Aspirant said, he would also “devise new communication strategies through deepening and creating of local contents, periodically briefing members in the region on current happenings in the country as far as politics is concerned.”

“I will periodically organize political street evangelism, workshops for all Constituency and branch Communication officers to equip them with communication skills to enable them to understand the communication process of encoding, medium of transmission, decoding, and feedback.

“More so, I will work to bring deeper understanding and unity in the party through effective communication on the monumental legacies of the party NDC in the Constituency irrespective of the person who initiated the project,” Mr. Arthur-Atitianti added as part of his medium to long term vision.

The NDC, he noted would not deliver its desired goals if the message were not well coordinated, stating that, the adage that the people are the structures is self-evident truth but not an established rule and principle.

In his considered view, the current wanton deterioration of the country’s economy does not affect only NDC but the entire populace and everything must be done to rescue the nation through the victory of the NDC on December 7, 2024.

While articulating his long-held passion to help the region with effective communication, Mr. Arthur-Atitianti reassured the delegates that if given the opportunity in the Region as a Deputy Communication Officer, he will ensure a holistic transformation of the party publicity..

The Deputy Regional Communication Officer aspirant is in the contest with the incumbent Deputy Regional Communication Officer, Simon Tetteh, who is seeking re-election, but he expressed optimistic of victory to assist the NDC front to total victory in the 2024 election.

Per the guidelines, the party will hold its regional elections would be held between November 12 and 13, 2022.

The National Congress will be held on December 17, 2022.

Source: expressnewsghana.com



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