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Minority threatens class action despite NCA’s withdrawal of SIM blocking directive

The minority in parliament has said the class action against the National Communications Authority(NCA) will continue despite the withdrawal of the SIM blocking directive by the NCA. The NCA has withdrawn its directive to telcos for the blocking of unregistered SIM cards which affected even some registered subscribers.

Deputy ranking member for the communications Committee, Sam George told Journalists in parliament that “even in the period that the SIM cards were blocked last week, the SIMs suffered damages and those damages are what we are seeking to claim for on behalf of our constituents using a class action suit. So we’ll still proceed irrespective of what they’ve done.”

For his part, minority leader Haruna Iddrisu asked President Akufo-Addo to call the communications minister and the NCA to order in respect of the development. The Tamale South MP further demanded answers on the self-registration App deployed by the ministry for the exercise at a 5 cedi fee. According to him, such charges are illegal.

“So we are interested in knowing this private player and why even shouldn’t the state benefit from the deployment of the application? and we’re asking that how did we get approval for this to happen? Is it that it was imposed on the Mobile Operators?

“So we’re probing who’s deploying this for what, and how come it is failing, who sanctioned the fees, where and when? because we know that parliament fees and charges come through us.”



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