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Mahama to set up a gold board for small-scale mining

H.E. John Dramani Mahama has announced plans to establish a Gold Board (GOLDBOD) to regulate and support small-scale mining activities in the country. This initiative aims to address the challenges faced by small-scale miners, promote responsible mining practices, and ensure sustainable development in the mining sector. The establishment of a Gold Board for small-scale mining is significant for several reasons:

Regulation and oversight: The Gold Board will provide a regulatory framework for small-scale mining operations, ensuring compliance with environmental, health, and safety standards. This will help to curb illegal mining activities and promote responsible mining practices.

Support and capacity building: The Gold Board will offer support and capacity-building programmes to small-scale miners, including training on best practices, technology adoption, and access to financing. This will help improve the efficiency and productivity of small-scale mining operations.

Formalization of the sector: The establishment of a Gold Board will help formalize the small-scale mining sector, making it easier for miners to access legal mining permits and licenses. This will enhance transparency, accountability, and good management in the sector.

Economic development: Small-scale mining plays a crucial role in Ghana’s economy, providing employment opportunities and contributing to local development. The Gold Board will help to strengthen the small-scale mining sector, creating sustainable livelihoods and supporting economic growth.

Environmental protection: Small-scale mining activities can have negative environmental impacts if not properly regulated. The Gold Board will work to ensure that small-scale miners adhere to environmental regulations and adopt sustainable mining practices to minimise their environmental footprint.

In all, the establishment of a Gold Board for small-scale mining in Ghana is a positive step towards promoting responsible mining practices, supporting small-scale miners, and ensuring sustainable development in the mining sector.

Anthony Obeng Afran



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