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Mahama for 2024 campaign series #20

Folks, I wish to announce to you that Vulture Feather (VF) is on a mission to gather some intel. There is a bombshell which I’m going to release anytime soon. However, there is an interesting part of the report VF captured with his drone labelled “Sights and Sounds” where the people of Ghana are lamenting of their suffering because of the current economic crisis amidst singing of dirges and calling for the return of President Mahama and the NDC to rescue them.

I understand that we should allowed other aspirants to contest in the forthcoming internal presidential election. But nothing stops delegates from making informed choices. For a worthy cause and the breaking of a one-party state agenda of Yaanom, I want to beg comrades to join the Mahama Agenda 99% Team. Ghanaians will not forgive us if we fail to take advantage of their goodwill to capture power to rescue them from this economic bondage.

2019 NDC Presidential Primary Results continue:

Adaklu Constituency



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