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Gov’t denies reports of special UK troops to Ghana to fight terrorism

The government has refuted reports that special forces from the United Kingdom are being brought to Ghana to help fight terrorism. A report by British newspaper, the Telegraph, yesterday reported that Britain is in discussion with Ghana to send special forces into the country after it was forced to withdraw all of its peacekeepers from Mali.

“The Government of Ghana wishes to state that the information regarding British special forces is false. Neither Ghana nor any other member of the Accra Initiative has discussed with any partner, any such request nor contemplated the involvement of foreign forces in any of the activities”, a statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional integration stressed.

The Ministry said the Government of Ghana has had no interaction with the United Kingdom for the deployment of soldiers into the country. “The Government of Ghana has no interactions with the UK Government aimed at deploying UK soldiers to Ghana for purposes of operations as described in the story”, parts of the statement read.

It further explained that, the Accra Initiative rather aims to prevent spillover terrorism from the Sahel and to address transnational organized crime within the common border areas of member states.



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