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We have a hypocritical media

We have a media that is very hypocritical and that hypocrisy has made them loose every credibility and respect; just like the supreme court and the Judiciary have lost every reason for their existence. The National security and the electoral commission is not left out in this game called DISSERVICE to the state and the purpose for which they were created to serve. The Ghana police service has also nonetheless fallen short of their mandate as lots of cases on their table for investigations are DOWNPLAYED leading to many genuine cases NOT being investigated to the bottom in order to bring finality to such cases.

Imagine also a president, who impressed on Ghanaians to tighten their belts because of hardship; while he loosened his belt to increase his monthly salary by a collosal 79% but merely increasing salary of Ghanaian public sector workers by a PALTRY 7%. DOES IT MAKE SENSE? This aged president still had the guts to deceive Ghanaians, as if he was a listening president, who has heard the PITIFUL OUTCRY of Ghanaians, to stop his use of extravagant $14,000 per hour luxury jet; but resorted to a MEET ME THERE, $18,000 PER HOUR LUXURY JET more costly than his previous wasteful $14,000 per hour for two solid years. Ghanaian taxpayers must rise up against this gross insensitivity and tyranny.

Baba Iddrisu is a member of Caucus for Mature Democrats (CMD).



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