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We don’t have storage facilities in the effected SHS – National Buffer Stock Company

The National Buffer Stock Company Limited has attributed the delay in distributing food to second-cycle educational institutions to the lack of storage facilities in the affected Senior High Schools.

According to the National Buffer Stock Company Limited, the lack of storage facilities hinders them from sending food supplies in excess of the storage capacity of the schools.

The comment is in response to concerns raised by the Conference of Heads of Assisted Secondary Schools (CHASS) for government to ensure that enough food is distributed to all schools across the country to avert any shortage.

In a Citi News interview, the Public Relations Officer for the National Buffer Stock Company, Emmanuel Assan, assured that enough food will be supplied to cater for students.

“The number one challenge we have had so far is with access to storage facilities across the schools. For instance, there are times we send about a 1000 maize bags to a school for the semester and are asked to take over half of it back to our warehouse due to inadequate space.”

”We then restock when the food supplies run out. We will ensure we distribute more food supplies, especially for those who have run out of them.”



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