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VIDEO: Zanetor clarifies alleged boyfriend haircut

 The Member of Parliament for Korle Klottey, Dr. Zanetor Agyeman-Rawlings has clarified the issues on the alleged haircut of her supposed boyfriend. Speaking on Starr Chat with Bola Ray on Thursday, the lawmaker explained that stated that his late father and former President of Ghana, Jerry John Rawlings had nothing to do with the matter.

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According to her, the public discourse on the matter was politics as usual adding that the whole issue had to do with a land. “My dad had nothing to do with that. The story that I had heard regarding how that all happened was that there was some land issue, and there was some military person involved. At the time, we were not even friends. This was long after I’d gone my way, and he had gone his way. So, this was a bit strange, actually, but politics again, you know, I think it was just a perfect story for the time.

The Korle Klotter Member of Parliament lamented how the issue took a toll on her. “That bothered me a lot because, at the time, I felt quite unfairly treated because the fact is, the story wasn’t true, and no room was being made for the true version of the story to be told because nobody really wanted to hear it at the time. And, I mean, I was young at the time, you know, doing my little ‘chrife’ thing on the side. And this was a bit devastating, actually, for me.” According to her, the development has shaped the way she goes about her politics as a lawmaker.

“That is one of the things that has made me very particular about how I go about my politics. And it’s one of those experiences that really informed my behavior as a public figure because I feel that in the path to where it is you want to get to, you can be decent. You can choose to disagree with people, you can choose to not be on the same page, but to go down the path of lies and denigrating people, that’s something I’m totally against.”




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