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I believe the place the NPP took Nana Akufo Addo to that has made him a mumu President is the same place they took the Speaker of Parliament to. Hon Alban Sumana Bagbin has suddenly become a mumu Speaker of Parliament. Let me explain myself:
Hon Alban Bagbin presided over the proceedings in Parliament and rejected the 2021 Budget. A day or two later, he traveled to Dubai on health grounds. In his absence, his Deputy presided and overturned all that Hon Bagbin did.
Some of us thought when Hon. Bagbin comes back, he was going to restore what he did and maybe punish his Deputy for being disrespectful. Instead Hon. Bagbin came and gave us three hours speech. A speech that didn’t change Parliament. A speech that didn’t go anywhere. Simply put, a three hours of a useless speech.
Then came the passage of the E-Levy Act. After the Speaker admitting all the errors that went into the passage of the Act, he still allowed it to pass. He then allowed his members of Parliament, who are also members of his party to go to the Supreme Court for the interpretation of the rules of parliament. Since the forth republic, this is the only time members of parliament have run to the Supreme Court to interpret its own rules. Very shameful. This can only happen under a mumu Speaker of Parliament.
Because of the way E-levy passed, the NPP has the balls to now talk of Agyapa. What nonsense is that?
If for nothing at all, Hon Alban Bagbin should take control of his Parliament just as Hon. Peter Ala Adjetey and Prof. Mike Oquaye did. In their times, we all knew NPP was in control of the House and no NDC nonsense passed.

Mahama reba.
Dr. Lawrence lives in USA


Your submission makes a lot of sense in my opinion and to majority of the ordinary Ghanaian people too. I was personally at a lost when the useless wasteful mother serpent of Corruption akufo addo THANKED Bagbin in parliament for helping NPP to pass the killer e-levy in his waste of time of the ordinary Ghanaian people of the last State of the nation address (SONA) after several months of failure to do so at the RIGHT AND PRESCRIBED TIME.

I viewed it as a serious DISSERVICE to Ghanaians what akufo addo and the speaker of parliament, Rt hon Kingsford Sumana Alban Bagbin did on that faithful day.

Bagbin could have redeemed his reputation by telling akufo addo he don’t need any thank you from the arrogant akufo addo.

As for akufo addo, sincerely speaking, I hate to see his face self on TV now following his deliberate desipation of public purse through his arrogant disregard and disrespect of the good people of Ghana and his continued use of the $14,000 per hour luxury foreign private jets while the taxpayers provided functioning presidential jet is put aside.

The arrogance and lawlessness of akufo addo as said by Dr Nyaho Tamakloe as a president is unmatched and legendary and that is very annoying. I wonder if I meet him on any street of Ghana, one-on-one this man will escape my anger as an individual.

I therefore urge all the Ghanaian youth to come ALL OUT, on June 4th 2022 in our numbers to resist the killer e-levy, the rotten Agyapa royalties deal and the collateralization of our future today by this useless aged thoughtless mother serpent of Corruption together as a unified body of men and women.

Baba Iddrisu is a member of Caucus for Mature Democrats (CMD).



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