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The NPP’s role in causing dumsor, and how Mahama ended it

Folks, permit me to begin today’s article with a brief history of the Gonja Kingdom. The official title of the Gonja Traditional Paramountcy is Yagbonwura which means Owner of a large household. The founder of the Gonja Kingdom was Sumaila Ndewura Jakpa. Currently, Yagbonwura Tuntumba Boresa 1, know in private life as Sulemana Jakpa is the King and Overload of the people of Gonjaland.

With President Mahama as a Gonja, I found it interesting when Opana and Yaanom crowned him Naa Dumsorwura. What a fantastic name! If he is the Owner and Overlord of dumsor, then praise the Lord! This became scientifically interesting, an Overload of dumsor has an absolute control over dumsor and can turn it around at will. He could end it, and he did end it! As much as the end of the energy crisis seemed indeterminate to some people, he fixed it.

Kikikikiki, did I hear the NPP incessantly talk about dumsor? In fact, they are as guilty as sin when it comes to dumsor, and this is quite incontestable. As the NPP pilloried President Mahama over dumsor, could they reminisce their inability to produce enough power within their 8-year term in office under President Kuffour without an agonizing pang of shame?

Between 2001 and 2008 when the NPP was in power only 80 MW of electricity was added to the national grid. This was not done by the NPP Government but by a consortium of mining companies.

There is an annual 12% increase in the demand for electricity in Ghana. This means that there is the need to add about 200 MW annually to catch up with the demand, so, the NPP ought to have added a total of 1600 MW within 8 years in power instead of 80 MW; this left a shortfall of 1420 MW. During the “dumsor” era, Ghana was shedding an average of 700 MW, therefore, if the NPP had done their homework well we would have had about 700 MW extra power for export, and there wouldn’t have been dumsor. I know the NPP is going about arguing that they started the Bui Dam, but if it is only about starting then Nkrumah deserves the credit not them.

I didn’t – like dumsor – no one did – but there was the need to tamp down the anxiety and be patient. This was exactly what the people of Ghana did. And were rewarded with a permanent solution. President Mahama did not look at a temporary cure whereby the crisis will keep recurring as had happened in the past.

Yes, it was true that it took some time for the crisis to end, but there is an adage in Akan which says that whenever a woman spends much time in the bathroom it is an indication that she is making herself clean and attractive. Together with his initiative of extra generation capacity and the power purchasing agreements his Government entered with several Independent Power Producers, a total of 3,905 MW was added. With this, a permanent solution for dumsor came at last.

Thanks for the transformational leadership of the Dumsorwura, His Royal Highness John Dramani Mahama.

Anthony Obeng Afrane.



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