Thursday, May 23, 2024


He should keep on bleeding waaaa waaa!! By the way, let us not blame K.T Hammond for this. He is making those comments based on his daily encounter with NPP youth within and outside his Constituency. I bet that the experience he gained after engaging NPP youth over the years is the motivation behind his insults.

Do you doubt it? Ok, let me draw your attention to something. Hope you remember the drill ship saga, after it became known that K.T Hammond led the charge to sell off the drill ship like tomatoes and onions, who were those sent out to defend him?

Was it not the NPP youth?

Even though he couldn’t defend himself before the commission but only managed to water down the heat with his crocodile tears, the NPP youth were defending him all around. Hope you now have a fair idea about why K.T Hammond, unfortunately, believes those youth who booed Nana Addo “have nothing in their heads”? Does he now think that all the youth in the country are like the NPP youth he encounters daily?

You see all the corruption going on under Nana Addo and Bawumia-led NPP government, K.T Hammond knows for a fact that NPP youth are tasked to sing praises for these corrupt deeds and they are indeed executing this task without thinking twice about the repercussions on the country. Now IMF.

Would he consider the youth as people with working brains in their heads after encountering such zombies or stooges in his party on daily basis always defending the undefendable even when they clearly know they are guilty?

Even with the uncountable Corruption scandals and the unprecedented mess they caused the economy of Ghana today, leading to the worse economic downgrade to a junk status, they still strumpet being the best managers of Ghana.

Thanks to the cluelessness, irresponsible, recklessness and incompetence of the Nana Addo and Bawumia-led NPP government, K.T Hammond is always around npp youth who are always out to deceive themselves and unsuspecting Ghanaians that Ghana’s economy is in safer hands today.

Oooh Yaa Allah, so when will these NPP youth make the likes of K.T Hammond realize Ghanaian youth have working brains in our heads by making their brains work properly, putting Ghana first in analyzing issues critically thereby making themselves respected by dead brains like KT Hammond?

Anyway, K.T Hammond, get it straight into your dilapidated head that we don’t need to waste time and energy to check if you actually have something in your head. The infertility of your brain which caused the mass loss of hair on your head has already exposed you. Losing all the hair on your head has already confirmed that, the inside is VIRTUALLY EMPTY. Nkwasea keka saaaa! Aban fon sei!!! Only Corruption.

Baba Iddrisu is a member of Caucus for Mature Democrats (CMD).







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