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The arrest of broadcaster Bobie Ansah is UNSUSTAINABLE and WRONG-HEADED

The Editor-in-chief of the New Crusading Guide Newspaper, Kwaku Baako, says the arrest of broadcaster Bobie Ansah on Thursday night by national security operatives is a wrong approach in resolving the issue of alleged publication of false news leveled against him.

According to him, the persons aggrieved in the matter must rather file a civil action to cure any mischief and malice against them. In a Facebook post, Kwaku Baako said the security operatives’ action in the case of Bobie Ansah is unsustainable.

“The State’s (Police’s) action/reaction is UNSUSTAINABLE and WRONG-HEADED in the CONTEXT of this particular case. Let those whose integrity and reputation might have been damaged by the commission and omission of the journalist, proceed on the civil libel wavelength to cure the mischief to cure and malice,” he said.

According to the police’s charge sheet, the broadcaster on January 1, 2022, accused the First Lady, Mrs. Rebecca Akufo-Addo, and the Second Lady, Mrs. Samira Bawumia of granting themselves “state lands at AU Village, around the Kotoka International Airport for the construction of [the] Rebecca Foundation”.

It said Mr. Ansah went on further to call the First Lady “a thief and that she has stolen state land around the Kotoka International Airport,” a statement he knew was “likely to occasion the breach of the peace” of the country.

Police say Bobie Ansah was invited several times to assist in investigations but failed to honor the invitations.

The broadcaster was picked up at the entrance of Class Media Group shortly after 10:00 pm on Thursday, just when his program, ‘The Citizen Show’ which airs daily had ended.

Police say they are investigating the matter, but Kwaku Baako believes that such matters do not require police investigation, but must be settled in court after the aggrieved party sues the persons alleged to have made the libelous or defamatory statement.

“No need for criminal investigations or prosecution. Unless of course, there’s evidence of fraud, extortion, and criminality! No journalist (s) and/or media practitioner(s).or media house(s) has/have immunity/indemnity if and when it comes to issues of extortion, fraud, and criminality!,” Kwaku Baako stressed.



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