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Tema West NDC Chairman Denies Bribery Allegation Made By Indiscipline Youth

Tema West NDC Chairman Denies Bribery Allegation Made By Indiscipline Youth

The National Democratic Congress chairman for the Tema  West constituency , Mr. Isaac Pobee has flatly denied claims that he took money from the New Patriotic Party with the aim of compromising his role during  2020 elections .

Mr. Pobee is denying this allegation made against him by two elements of the NDC in the constituency following the currency the allegation seem to be assuming.

According to him, no evidence has been provided to buck  the allegation against him yet the faces behind the claims have refused to retract and apologize.

Calls to these individuals who This portal found out to be one Boutrous and one Joe. Kwei to do the needful has gone unanswered.

In view of these, the party chairman, Mr. Pobee is taking legal action against these individuals who made the wild allegation on an NDC social media platform shortly after the 2020 elections which the NDC lost both at the parliamentary and presidential level in the constituency.

The allegation of bribery which was made by Boutrous, who is a branch executive of the party and repeated by Joe Kwei, another member of the party was published  on an online portal called Ajnewsonline.com on September 27, 2021.

As if the claims of the unsubstantiated allegations are not enough, Mr. Pobee’s life is under threat.

He told this portal in an interview that he has been receiving threatening messages on his phone telling him he will be killed if he does not resign his  post as the chairman .

Although the matter has been reported to the police, Mr. Pobee said he feels unsafe for which reason he hardly stays in his home.

Interestingly , Mr. Pobee’s tenure as a chairman saw a significant improvement in the electoral fortunes of the NDC where it closed the electoral gap to only 900 in the 2012 elections and during the 2020 election which  was his second tenure as chairman the gap was closed from 15, 000 to a little over 2000.

But when  The portal contacted the maker of the bribery  allegation, Mr. Boutrous Andy ,  he told the reporter that his accusation of Mr. Pobee of having taken money from the New Patriotic Party( NPP)  was on the basis that both the NPP Parliamentary Candidate. Mr. Carlos Ahenkorah and the NDC chairman are seen all the time together.
According to him, during the 2020 election when counting was underway Mr. Pobee was seen in the collation room with the NPP Parliamentary Candidate, Mr.Carlos Ahenkorah chatting which for him was not a good sign.

Speaking with Mr. Joseph Kwei who was also mentioned by the NDC Chairman as also  making the bribery allegation, he said he was only making reference to the claims of bribery allegation of Ghc30, 000  and that he has not seen Mr. Pobee receiving any money except what was being alleged in the constituency by others was what he was making reference to on their NDC platform for the constituency.

As at press time, informations picked up by This portal indicates that a delegation from the National headquarters of the NDC had met to try and resolve the matter.

This follows an earlier committee which was set up by the 2020 flag bearer for the NDC, Mr.John  Dramani Mahana and was chaired by the former Member of Parliament for the Kpone Katamansa constituency, Mr. Laryea Afotey Agbo to try and look into the bribery allegation.



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