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Support Mahama with Ahotor Project to win power

Folks, it is crystal clear that the NPP does not want to relinquish power anytime soon despite the fact that the economy is in ruins and the people of Ghana are losing pieces of their lives with each passing day. Unfortunately, the grassroots of a party suffer in opposition, and it will be detrimental to them if the NDC do not recapture power in 2024.

The party should not be bogged down in a morass of petty disagreements because the threat of the Umbrella fraternity staying in opposition beyond 2024 remains, and the NDC is still vulnerable. This could bring a crisis of a new order of magnitude; therefore, for God’s sake let’s mend the roof while the sun shines. Supporting JM for 2024 will be more immediately rewarding.

I agree that the NDC has fine prospective flag-bearers, most of whom are my good friends, but we need to study the times and seasons to be able to make informed choices. 1 Chronicles 12:32 tells us that the men of Issachar had an understanding of the signs of the times to know what Israel out to do; and this should be the guiding principle of the NDC in their choice of a flag-bearer for the 2024 elections.

David was anointed King while Saul was on the throne, but David had the patience to wait till the appointed time. David even had the opportunity to Kill Saul who was after his life, but he did not and this is what he said: “The Lord forbid that I should do such a thing to my master, the Lord’s anointed or lay my hand on him.”

This must be food for thought for those who want to contest their former master, H.E. John Dramani Mahama. It is for us to fully understand the intricacies and the taxonomy of the time; John Mahama is the best bet for Victory 2024, the time is ripe for a solution, and the moment to push is now! If this is ignored, the long-term damage to the NDC’s electoral fortunes in future will be grave; because the most serious risk and mistake is for the NDC to put its most potent player on the bench.

Ghanaians are obviously underwhelmed by their choice of a president; they have a better story to tell about John Dramani Mahama’s infrastructure legacy. Let us come together and pool ideas and resources together to support Mahama to win power in 2024.

Anthony Obeng Afrane



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