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NDC Youth Forum begins vote canvassing for Elvis Afriyie Ankrah

The National Democratic Congress {NDC} youth forum, after declaring their unflinching support for Elvis Afriyie-Ankrah for the General Secretaryship position in the upcoming National Executive elections of the party has taken steps to canvas for reports from the delegates for him. The move was to ensure a landslide victory for Elvis Afriyie Ankrah to enable him take the party to the next level, according to a statement signed by the secretary of the forum Osman Iddrisu Banpuori.

 It sais, “Afriyie Ankrah is someone who does not throw buzzwords around, he is a man of his word a trailblazer, gipsy, pathfinder and an innovator and we are sure that victory would come look at tsunami. It is for this reason that we think after declaring our support for him, we must also deploy our members to the political market to ensure we get the required votes for a resounding victory.

We know he would win but we don’t want to leave any stone unturned like I said earlier we want him to win convincingly which is why we have taken this step. He added, his messages are explicit devoid of ambiguity which include establishing a sustainable welfare based reward system for the human resource of the Party {Proposals for Constituents led appointment of one Presidential Staff per constituency and MMDCES} lead the party to be self-sustaining financially by deploying innovative mechanisms to raise funds both locally and internationally, identified talented people within the Party train and strategically positioned them in business, academia, entrepreneurship, trade and all spheres of endeavour and also and an IT backed election management system based on data analytics, harmonized collation and transmission.

We so far commend him also for a clean campaign that he has embarked on it we are convinced that victory will be ours come December. The NDC youth forum therefore urged delegates of the party to vote massively for Afryie Ankrah in the December 17 2022 National Executive Elections of the Party.

Over 63% of participants in a poll conducted by GhanaWeb in October 2022 said that the current Director of Elections of the NDC should be the replacement of the outgoing General Secretary of the party Johnson Aseidu Nketia. 



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