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NDC Exposed Ken Ofori-Atta For Failing To Account For Over GH¢10 Billion Tax Revenue From the Mining sector.

NDC Exposed Ken Ofori-Atta For Failing To Account For Over GH¢10 Billion Tax Revenue From the Mining sector.



Let the Finance Minister Ken Ofori Atta prove it either right or wrong, and show proof of where they captured it in the Budgetary statements …

If he can’t produce that money, he must be jailed for the rest of his life in prison for causing such a huge financial lost to the state and for aggravating the plight of the already suffering masses of the people of Ghana under president akufo addo who prefer to WASTE Ghc14,000 per hour in the air;

Instead of cut down on government expenditure where necessary and to engage UTAG to seek a way forward for their conditions of service so as to shape the future leaders of our nation properly.

Cut down on the number of ministers of state and presidential staffers to save money to solve other pressing needs of the state.

Stop the use of the chartered luxury flights which reasonable Ghanaians see as a waste of state resources since there is a presidential flight in perfect working condition.

If Ghana don’t even have a presidential flight at all, there are other prudent commercial flights that president akufo addo can fly. I have just read on social media, how the South African president who is richer and well resources naturally than Ghana, attended EU and AU meetings on a commercial flight.

This clearly points to the fact that, there must be something seriously wrong with akufo addo and his government when it comes to prudent or judicious use of resources even under covid 19 times.

NABCO trainees have also been complaining for not being paid monthly salary since August – September 2021. Some clearly says they have not been paid for the past five – six months.

University students also had to join the NDC’ and the collation of aggrieved Ghanaians against the obnoxious e-levy to also impress on akufo addo led government to engage their lecturers to do the needful for them to return to their lecture rooms to learn. They expressed their serious worry for their near 30 days of inactivity in the universities Nationwide.

This for me is a very worrying thing about about akufo addo and his group of insensitive people in government. No matter how LOUD GHANAIANS CRY, against the wrong deeds of members of his government, akufo addo don’t have the ears to hear nor have to eyes to see the realistic suffering of Ghanaians.

We had the Ayawaso West Wuogon shooting for which presidential probe was constituted, a report issued, till today the report is gathering dust on the shelf.

We had 8 innocent Ghanaians shot and killed by akufo addo’s government functionaries in uniform and in arms in election 2020 till today, no action taken.

We still have journalists and ordinary Ghanaian people being chased and arrested in a Rambo style like armed robbers under this modern day akufo addo’s Democracy for nothing wrong, but offering constructive criticisms which they are entitled to.

Ghanaians don’t trust or believe in the lawyers and judges in Ghana now, would be able to deliver justice in our various courts around the nation. The trust and believe in state Institutions have long eroded if not non-existent.

This for me is very regrettable and if this worrying phenomenon is not uprooted, that alone has the tendency to disrupt our young fledging Democracy that we are nurturing.

Baba Iddrisu is a member of Caucus for Mature Democrats (CMD).

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