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Nana Akufo-Addo is too Political

Dr. Lawrence writes:
Nana Akufo-Addo is too Political

There have been recent calls by Ghanaians for the President to reshuffle his ministers because the current bunch of caricatures are just wasting the public purse, something Nana Addo swore to protect.
In a response, Nana Addo made it clearer that he was not ready to do any reshuffle because it is the NDC people, who are calling for the reshuffle, so it will destabilize his government. He also said it is the unemployed in his party who are calling for the reshuffle so they can get some work to do.
What annoyed Ghanaians the most is that, looking at the current bad economic situation Ghana finds itself, and which the President admitted, he went further to say that his Ministers and Vice President have performed fantastically well and that he sees no reason to reshuffle them.
The above statements by the President should tell every Ghanaian that Nana Addo doesn’t read and he doesn’t listen to the news. He is like a driver who is going top speed down a hill but is not paying attention to the readings on the dashboard.
Let me take this opportunity to let Nana Addo know some of the things happening in Ghana and therefore, an urgent need for him to reshuffle his ministers:
Inflation is now 32%, the highest in 20 years; the cedi is now GHC9.5 to the dollar, very likely to hit GHC10.00 by the end of this month. A gallon of petrol is now GHC60. It was GHC14 in 2016. Our public debt is now GHC395 billion, whilst our debt to GDP is 85%, the highest ever.
His government owes every sector of the economy for at least 8 months; out of the 125 ministers he has, only 20 are actually working; the Presidency is next to the Police Service for Corruption; both Fitch and S&P have downgraded our credit from B to CCC, which means Ghana’s credit in the international market is Junk/useless; the government used GHC25 billion to collapse the local banks, when it needed just GHC9 billion to revive them and kept some people still working.
I am surprised that with this junk record, Nana Addo doesn’t see the need to reshuffle his ministers. He is rather going round the country and talking about “break the 8”, an indication that he is hopeless.
Nana Addo also said it is not his job to tell us if he will do a reshuffle or not. Mr. President, with all due respect, we are not asking you to tell us when you will reshuffle your ministers. We are telling you to act and do it now.
The fact that you are blaming the NDC for asking you to do a reshuffle makes you too political but, who told you that your government will be destabilized if you reshuffle? Don’t you know your government is already destabilized? Ghana deserves better. Stop being a political president and work for the common good of the citizens. You should remember what you told us about being citizens. NDC people and NPP serial callers are citizens of Ghana.
I command Nana Addo to immediately stop sacrificing the country for his family and friends. Enough is Enough

Mahama reba
Dr. Lawrence is the Founder of the Diaspora Progressive Movement in USA.



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