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Mr. Richmond Asumedu, the President of technological company, Brich Hub

Stop Blaming Gov’t Over Lack of Jobs

Mr. Richmond Asumedu, the President of technological company, Brich Hub, has advised the youth to stop blaming the government for lack of employment in the country but rather use their productive minds build employment for themselves and make good money.

According to him technological have many opportunities for them and it can guarantee secured and genuine source of livelihood if taken seriously.

Speaking at the launch of the company “Brich Hub” in Accra, Under the theme: “solving societal challenges the Brich way using technology “, Mr. Asumedu stated that his outfit is seeking to employ the youth and will empowered them to make a living.

He said, the company is expected to operate a platform which will guarantee vehicle security for their owners also to monitor, lock and unlock car engines .

” This will be done in the auto car space, the company will embark on outreach programmes to the rural areas where basic information technology training will be provided to the folks there”.

“We are seeking to create 5,000 jobs for the youth in the areas of packaging, advertising and branding among others”.

He advised the youth to stop engaging in unscrupulous activities especially the use of technology to defraud unsuspecting people is not sustainable and equally criminal with consequences which the youth should desist from. that would not lead them anywhere but rather troubles

They should not depend on defrauding, betting and illegal activities in the internet space because it does not help” , he reiterated.

Meanwhile the Head of Human Resource at the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Mr. Eric Mensah Bonsu speaking the launching expressed gratitude to Brich Hub for the youth the opportunity to follow in terms of using technology to create jobs.

“This ideas will build the nations which is why we are commends the President of Brich Hub for putting this ideas to the best of use”.

We will continue to help the youth nurture their talents for job creation and make money for themselves”.



  1. Thank you very much for your advice to be frank we the youth are suffering when it comes to job securing we are there living around with certificates but no job for us following your speech during the event, I have a brother who completes Technical University in the upper west region and he is still jobless I would have been very glad if this opportunity would favor us secure him a job please.

  2. It is a very good idea Mr Asumedu brought to the fore, for the youth. I however partly disagree with him where he said, the youth must stop blaming government for not creating enough jobs. If Mr Asumedu as an individual is able to create and open up such opportunity for the youth to be gainfully employed instead of engaging in illegalities like he rightly said, much should and must be expected from government who is mandated by the people including the youth to create more job opportunities and jobs. Therefore, I don’t see anything wrong in the youth blaming government for lack of jobs if Mr Asumedu and his little team can create such opportunity for jobs. Further fantastic is his advise to the youth to venture into such innovative territories. Good job well executed Mr Asumedu, much is however expected from government to ameliorate the suffering of the youth, including unemployed graduates. Kudos Mr Asumedu.


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