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Mahama, the Gonja hero is ready to rescue Ghana

One of my all-time favorite musicians is the Late Amada Jebre. He became blind at the age of two, but identified his musical talent as a child and learned to play the Ghanaian thumb piano.

In the mid 60’s, Amada started playing music on the street and was endeared to the hearts of many who gave him the nickname Onipa Nua, meaning “the people’s brother.”

Onipa Nua was discovered by Faisal Helwani in 1980, and had his musical career turned around leading to his first international musical concert in Paris in 1990.

One album that shot Onipa Nua to fame is “Onipa Nye”, meaning Man is bad. But the question one would want to ask is, are humans that bad by nature?

As much as humans can be amazingly good, caring and creative beyond words, they could be terrible! And such trait of Man was what manifested itself during the 2020 elections at Techiman South and other constituencies which stretched the patience of the grandson of the Gonja warrior, Ndewura Jakpa beyond human limitation to say that 2024 will be a “Do or Die” affair if the dastardly acts of 2020 is not discontinued.

What was shocking is that some people saw nothing wrong with the brutalities meted out to defenseless citizens, but were quick to react when the former president said Yaanom will not be given “garba” in 2024 IF they try to repeat what happened in 2024. His emphasis was on IF THOSE DASTARDLY ACTS ARE REPEATED IN 2024. Is this one too difficult to comprehend?

Why would such people not admonish the NPP not to repeat what happened in 2020 so that there won’t be “Do or Die” in 2024? Anyway, that’s how terrible and insincere humans can be.

Supporters of the NDC have realised after the unfortunate incidents in 2020 that 2024 is not going to be a child’s play, and that the party needs someone who is brave, well resourced, well connected and well respected internationally to be able to lead the party to wrestle power from an incorrigible and intransigent NPP; and they think the cap perfectly fits the former president.

But Is it surprising that some people continue to make unsavoury remarks about JM? That again shows how nasty, rude, treacherous and awful Man can be — response is, therefore, needless; energy must be saved for 2024 “Do or Die”; bumper to bumper campaign IF. . . .

Anyway, the Gonja Warrior and hero, JM, the people’s brother is well prepared and ready to rescue Ghanaians from excruciating pain and suffering. Don’t be left out; join the Rescue Mission! He is coming like kakai.

Anthony Obeng Afrane



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