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Mahama for 2024 campaign series #14

Chai, the people of Agotime Ziope Constituency deserve an award. They nearly made it 100% for JDM in 2019. Abakade, many constituencies have vowed to break the record this time around for the Gonja Warrior oo. Their eyes red paa. This morning, a Constituency Executive of theTatale Sanguli Constituency call to tell me that walahi-talahi they will make it 100% for JDM.

Oops, just a moment, Vulture Feather is calling.

Me: Hello, VF. Where have you been? We’ve missed you greatly!

VF: Kikikikiki, boss-boss, I dey oo. I dey go to and fro for info oo.

Me: Sosket my ears dey sweet me, VF.

VF: Hehehehe, boss, should I tell you or blow you. Boss, I have seen that you’ve been playing music nowadays paa oo. I want you to play “Moses” for me.

Me: VF, stop it! That song is sacriiegious oo.

VF: Tsoo, let’s have our peace, ibi Jato JJ in favourite be dat.

Me: Eiwooo, please let me be oo. I don’t want any trouble just give me “apo” and stop that your “Moses” stuff.

VF: Boss. be dat oo. Ibi A.B. Crentsil himself talk oo. I get evidence paa. Hmmm anyway, matter dey for the Umbrella under oo.

Me: Ooo, go ahead and stop beating about the bush.

VF: Hmmm, my mouth is heavy but I will talk oo. Some aspirants dem plan be say dem go contest use am as leverage for walking mate oo. But, “agyawaju” I eavesdropped a conversation:
“Anyone who loses cannot be considered as even crawling mate.”

Me: Chai! VF, ayeka! Can you please mention names of some of the aspirants? Hello VF, please are you there? Hello, hello, hello. Aaah he’s gone. I have lost him.

Agotime Ziope Constituency

  1. John Mahama 99.83%
  2. Goosie Tanoh 0.17%
  3. Joshua Alabi 0.00%
  4. Alban Bagbin 0.00%
  5. Sylvester Mensah. 0.00%
  6. Nurudeen Idrissu 0.00%
  7. Ekwow-Garbrah 0.00%

Kpando Constituency

  1. John Mahama 99.11%
  2. Goosie Tanoh 0.44%
  3. Joshua Alabi 0.30%
  4. Ekwow Spio-Garbrah 0.15%
  5. Alban Bagbin 0.00%
  6. Sylvester Mensah 0.00%
  7. Nurudeen Idrissu 0.00%

Afadjato South Constituency

  1. John Mahama 99.01
  2. Joshua Alabi 0.28
  3. Goosie Tanoh 0.28
  4. Alban Bagbin 0.14
  5. Nurudeen Idrissu 0.14
  6. Sylvester Mensah 0.00
  7. Ekwow Spio-Garbrah 0.00

Please enjoy “Ye Nea Woho Beto Wo (Yentie Obiaa)” by Daddy Lumba.

Don’t forget to join me here between 8:40 p.m. and 9.00 p.m. everyday.. I’m going to serve you with much more succinct write-ups spiced with a cocktail of good music.

Anthony Obeng Afrane



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