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Komoji not guilty

Nadisco News,


NADIACO NEWS has tried its possibly best to update Ghanaians on an incident that took place in Nima-Mamobi Accra. Which happens between Komoji and another popular Bobom, who is known to be a gang leader. The incident became the topic in town because of how the two acted like action movies.

Both parties were nowhere to be found. But the boldness of Kumoji carried him into police custody. He was allowed to face the law for some time. Today, at long last the court said to Komoji, his battle has ended. That is, on the 15 of February, the court has proven Komoji not guilty. but, there is no information about Bobom. What do you think will happen? Will he turn himself into police custody as Komoji did? or the police will arrest him.

Nadisco NEW is still feeding on the story and will update Ghanaians on it.



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