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KEN OFORI-ATTA MUST GO!! – Osman Ayariga writes

Etched into the DNA of every forward looking state, every successful company and every progressive minded leader is an intolerance for mediocrity. Holders of high offices all over the world are tied to specific mandates and clear deliverables. Luckily for us here in Ghana we are not only gifted with a scripture quoting finance minister who delivers subpar results, but also a President who graciously rewards mediocrity.

Let us proceed to simplify the mandate and role of a finance minister; to develop cogent fiscal policy that inures to the growth of our economy, to control government spending, to keep inflation rates at acceptable and manageable percentages and to ensure the cedi maintains close proximity with other global currencies.

As we speak, inflation stands at an unprecedented 37. 2%, The Cedi is running a one-legged race in a 100m sprint, while commodity prices continue to skyrocket. Everything and anything of any remote value has been leveraged for quickloans, while the ordinary tax paying Ghanaian is overburdened with ridiculous tax initiatives aimed at further funding Government’s excessive and reckless spending.

I find it utterly shocking and quite disheartening that given the downward regression of our economy, the abysmal and embarrassing ratings that we have endured under his watch and widening exchange rate gap, Ken Ofori Atta remains at post. Surely being related to the President provides a blanket immunity against any wrongdoings even to the detriment of ordinary Ghanaians. Certainly a luxury the likes of Agyarko did not enjoy for less atrocious crimes.

The President is more concerned with his ego driven project of building a cathedral than addressing the elephant in the room; the immediate dismissal of Ken Ofori Atta.

We understand that the President values the sanctity of his family dinners than the welfare of the ordinary Ghanaian, he places a premium on keeping the friendliness between his relations than ensuring that Ghanaians receive the financial expertise they deserve. Or could it be that Ken Ofori Atta is the height of financial expertise that the NPP can offer? Whatever the reason,  we cannot wait for the president to consult his Abusuapayin before taking the needed decision. As citizens whose daily life is affected by his indecision we hereby appeal to the conscience of the President to serve Ken Ofori Atta with his dismissal notice. Failure to do so within the next 20 days will trigger a series of non-stop demonstrations until Ken Ofori Atta is removed from office.

At 78, The President may not fully appreciate how this gross mismanagement of the economy affects our future. His children and descendants who are beneficiaries of this economic mismanagement will be financially insulated from future hardships. It is always the ordinary Ghanaian, the one who endured the harshness of the weather to vote who is left to their unfavorable faith. We refuse to accept this! We choose to act now!

CEOs, Managers of industry, ministers and holders of public offices under more visionary leaders are constantly removed for their ineffectiveness. Even managers of football clubs are constantly changed. The rationale behind this is simple; to inject new ideas and innovations, to restore investor and public confidence and to serve notice to any successor who contemplates towing a similarly path.

I urge the youth to be ready to hit the streets should the president refuse to act in our interest.

We shall personify the words of our National Anthem and resist oppressors rule with all our will and with all our might.

God bless us all

This is vetted and approved by the HUNGER on the streets!



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