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The Lekma Hospital is one of the many government health facilities built by the Chinese Government in Ghana in the year 2010 as a friendship package in the form of a hospital between the two countries.

The support is financial in nature from the Government of the People’s Republic of China worth thousands of dollars and was completed in 16 months within the stipulated period and was inaugurated by the then Vice President of the Republic of Ghana H.E John Dramani Mahama on the 21st of December 2010.

It is increasingly becoming clear that the current New Patriotic Party government cannot even maintain what they have inherited from the previous government of the National Democratic Congress and the Lekma hospital is one such clear example of lacking maintenance culture under the current regime.

The hospital has all it takes to be described as a hospital with ultra-modern facilities.

On a visit to Lekma hospital, one would be swayed by the facade of the hospital building with nice surroundings and standard structures.

But a little push into the hospital and it would reveal something shocking and unthinkable, especially with issues relating to the hospital’s lavatory systems.

A nature’s call to the toilets and urinals depicted nothing but a complete state of disrepair.

Our investigations at the hospital especially the lavatory where we entered to attend to nature’s call it was detected that most of the systems within the lavatory are not functioning well as some of the flushing systems are down.

To add insult to injury the cleaner charged with the responsibility of making sure that the place is kept clean and nice according to our findings now resorts to petty trading within the premises of the hospital and has abandoned post of cleaning the hospital and its laboratory systems and the surroundings of the hospital

Patients especially Out Patients are often left in a state of shock with any visit to the hospital’s lavatory systems.

It is also sad to relate that medical doctors charged with the responsibility of treating patients don’t give patients the needed attention they deserve and and one wonders why they are at post.

A patient who we spoke to us narrated how he visited Lekma hospital and waited for hours on end only for the the medical doctor assigned to him to arrive very late and even then refused to attend to him saying that the patient should be kept on admission for him to attend to his personal errands before attending to the patient in question.

Such is the plight of patients at this ultra modern health facility which attends to the health needs of a sizeable population of the people of Accra, the nation’s capital.

One special appeal to the current government is that if they cannot add more infrastructural facilities to the existing ones the people of Ghana are appealing that the existing ones brought into being by the previous government of NDC should be allowed to at least function well to assist the people to live a meaningful life as they promised them in their 2016 and 2020 manifestoes during the electioneering periods.

The Lekma hospital is a 100-bed capacity hospital that has all the units of a general hospital including special services, laboratory and radiological facilities.

They have as well in addition a Malaria Research Centre and a Herbal Medicine Unit.

It serves as the municipal hospital for the Ledzokuku-Krowor (Teshie and Nungua) area and beyond.

The Hospital’s clinical staff is made up of a team of 22 Doctors of which 9 are specialist and as well over 200 Nurses.

The hospital also has eye center which started operation in the year 2013.

Before its construction there wasn´t even any health facility running in the area as a government medical governmental facility.



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