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There appears to be some underhand dealings in handling the Nima Mamobi incident with the assistance of the involvement of some national security operatives. It has become clear that in seeking justice for what happened between gangster groups  at Nima and Mamobi the Kumordzi family is being subjected to constant harassment even though Kumordzi the other gangster leader  was the underdog in the whole affair,but he is being given a raw deal by some faceless security forces belonging to National Security operatives.

It has emerged that the rival gang leader Bombor ‘enjoys some protection’ from some operatives of the national security as they are hell bent to make sure that  Kumordzi, the victim of the incident is rather made the main scapegoat of an incident he knows nothing about.

It would be recalled that there was sporadic shooting on the streets of Nima last Tuesday as some young men wielding guns and other weapons, such as machetes and clubs, from either group attempted to overpower members of the other.

In order to ensure law and order of the entire situation the police moved in to contain the situation by stopping the violence and arrested people numbering nine (9) in connection with the clash between the two rival gangs.

It is refreshing to state that the National Chief Imam Sheikh Nuhu Umanu Sharubutu has unequivocally condemned the violent clashes and went ahead to call for restraint from both factions involved in the clash from Nima and Mamobi,both neighboring suburbs of Accra.

Those police arrested included Abdul Gafari Mohammed, Bashir Ganiyu, Mohammed Saidu Baribui, Attawurah Basson and Gariba Abdul Mumin. The rest are Abdul Aziz Sulemana, Imoro Ibrahim, Issah Seidu and Elliasu Salim. The police retrieved 12 empty cartridges, a live bullet and three AAA live ammunition from the scene at Nima.Other items found and retained to aid investigations included a pistol magazine, two machetes, two knives, a toy pistol and two mobile phones.

For the average person living in the two neighborhoods the possibility of a reprisal attacks are very imminent even though there is heavy deployment of policemen with some police riot vehicle visibly stationed at some vantage points along the Nima Highway.

One would commend the police for saying that the real people behind the incident were being pursued to face justice. This assertion was made clear by the Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Mr. Kwesi Ofori. According to him a special intelligence and surveillance team had been deployed to Nima and Mamobi and surrounding communities in search of the remaining members of the two gangster groups.

This is where we want to draw the attention of the police and all those connected to the issue to live above reproach and do justice to the main issue at stake and  all acts of double standards must be stopped in the interest of peace for the entire neighborhood.

It is a well known fact that the violent disturbance resulting into that clash was occasioned by a misunderstanding between the two gangster groups, namely, the ‘Bombom group’, led by one Ali Awudi, alias Bomba, and the ‘Kumodzi group’, led by one Ibrahim Hussain, based at Mamobi and Nima Gutter, respectively.

It is also  a known fact that Kumodzi, who controlled the Nima-based group, went to the Mamobi ‘black market’ area what is locally known as ‘Line of Zabrama’ to transact foreign exchange business. While he was there, the two gangster groups violently attacked each other, in the course of which some gang members and two ‘black market’ currency dealers were hit and injured.

And the question on the lips of many is, is Kumodzi given the circumstances not the victim?

It must be put on record that Awudu Ali alias Bombor is a known operative of the National Security of the current regime who has bloody history surrounding him and his operations and he still walks freely for known crimes committed in this country.

What is currently happening under the so called police investigations is quite shocking. The sister of the mother of Kumordzi and her husband are under incessant attacks by people suspected to be operatives of the National Security.

Their home has become a subject of attack during the wee hours of the mornings since the incident broke out. On Some occasions, some people believed to be members of the National Security scaled the walls of their homes and invaded the privacy of their home without any form of identification as required by law and in the process seized their mobile phones.

They demanded from the husband who is married to the junior sister of Kumpordzi’s mother whether or not he knows Kumordzi who is on the police wanted list. He answered in the affirmative and told them that the mother of Kumordzi is his sister in law.

Apparently the people who entered his premises illegally in the name of national security wanted a situation where he would say he did not know Kumordzi and that would have given them a cause of action to wrongfully arrest him for reasons best known to them.

In a country that has law and order how come the relatives of a wanted man be subjected to constant harassment as we are witnessing in the current situation? Kumordzi is a victim of the act of known criminal gangster (Bombor) who was going about his legitimate business and was attacked by some hoodlums why turn around and used so called national security operatives to harass and subject relatives of such a victim to constant harassments.

We call on the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Dr Dampare to take swift action on this issue raised here so that the family members of Kumordzi will have their peace of mind as they gop about their daily business.

We call on all and sundry to pay attention to what is happening to the Kumordzi family and we demand that the right thing is done within the laws of Ghana.



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