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I have what it takes to organize and prepare women within NDC for Election 2024 – Madam Alijata Sulemana

An aspirant in the impending National Delegates Congress of the NDC to select national officers, Madam Alijata Sulemana has unveiled her plans when given the nod to lead the great NDC party as the deputy National Women’s organizer. Speaking to Nadisco news, Madam Alijata Sulemana hinted that there is the need to organize women within the fold of the NDC and beyond for the battle ahead in 2024.
Providing reasons why she is the obvious choice for the position of a deputy women’s organizer she believes that Political Parties in Ghana provides a setting where there is an existing gender gap in grassroots participation, particularly in political parties, thus preventing women to actively take part in politics this she believes needs addressing the reason for entering the race.

She is also of the opinion that gender gaps in participation and representation are common in newly established democracies especially in Africa, both at the elite level and at the grassroots, this Alijata Sulemana believes it is possible to address them saying that ‘It has been established too that there are many existing barriers to women’s political participation which include but not limited to economic and resource constraints that deny women the tools and opportunities for political action available to men’.

Madam Alijata Sulemana who served as Member of Parliament and District Chief Executive for Sisala East said she is an achiever during her tenure. For instance she mentioned that as a Member of Parliament she was very instrumental as a Member of Parliament in 2013 for the Sisala East Constituency and was actively involved in parliamentary committees work and was a regular contributor in debates on the floor of Parliament which led to creation of many laws for the country.

At the constituency level she expanded electricity to several communities through lobbying and engagements with the energy ministry and the minister. She also played a key role in the establishment of Information Communication Technology (ICT) through the ministry of communication and Ghana Investment Fund for Electronic Communication (GIFEC).

Alijata Sulemana established the first ever Senior High School at Welembele in the Sisala East district and played an instrumental role to improve access to quality health delivery as a Member of Parliament with particular mention of Sakallu Community Health Planning and Services (CHPS) compound through her Common Fund.

As a Member of Parliament she provided boreholes to several communities and provided hospital equipment to four CHPS compound within the Sisala East constituency. She also provided office desks and chairs and playgroups equipment to selected schools in deprived communities within the constituency.

To ensure the empowerment of women within the constituency Alijata Sulemana demonstrated her commitment to women of her constituency by committing 20% of her Salary to support women with breast cancer and fully funded surgical operations for 23 women with breast cancer. As a frontline in the contest for the position of a national deputy women’s organizer she comes with a very good educational background with an Executive Master’s Degree in Conflict, Peace & Security from the Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training centre with many other qualifications.

Madam Alijata Sulemana outline her vision to include creating an enabling environment within the party and beyond and as a team player she ensure that women at the grassroots will be targeted for active participation in all activities of great NDC party and issues relating to national body politic



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