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Ghanaians are suffering under NPP Government – CMD

Caucus for Mature Democrats (CMD), has observed with dismay the extent of suffering and hardship visited on the masses, as a result of five years contradictions, lies and inconsistencies. A mafia style dictatorship; with the philosophy of a property owning democracy : “each one for himself and God for the select few”.  It is therefore the select corrupt few who are benefitting from Nana Addo`s Government, not the greater majority.

Abuse of Power.  
It is alleged that Nana Addo, is a walking contradiction. A classic example of terror in suit; a symbol of vindictiveness and exploitative abuse of power. A so called civil rights lawyer who is now calling on the poor and jobless to pay e-Levy. This reminds me of a campaign promise by NPP  in 2016 to  reduce taxes; but now calling for more taxes.

Dishonesty and Insincerity
Before the 2020 elections, Nana Addo visited the Electoral Commission and promised he would insist on free, fair and credible election results; but that did not happen. Instead there were wide spread electoral fraud and killings. About the same time in the glaring view of Diplomats, Nana Addo sat next to former President John Mahama and signed an agreement to dissolve and ban his militia. That was not to be. His militia which operated during the 2020 election, killed eight people and wounded many during the election.

Dishonesty / Borrowing
During the 2016 electioneering campaign, Nana Addo promised he would not borrow to develop the country. Borrowing to develop a country, he said, is the hallmark of an incompetent leader who fails to think outside the box. As I write,  Ghana`s public debt is 360 billion Ghc and Nana Addo alone has borrowed 240 billion Ghc, more than any Government in the history of Ghana.  He criticized at length taxation and promised to move the country from taxation to production. Today, he is pressing for the acceptance of his draconian e-Levy against the poor.  This is contrary to what he promised.

Dishonesty / Protecting Public Purse
Nana Addo promised to protect the public purse. If you want to make money, go to the private sector not to my government, he said. In contrast Nana Addo and his appointees, according to research have over 366 corrupt cases to their credit. The Auditor General`s report in 2020, lost over 12 billion Ghc through financial irregularities; the highest ever in the 4th Republic. In spite of our Presidential jet, he chooses to fly luxurious executive jets which has cost Ghana 400 to 500 million Ghc within the last four years.

Dishonesty / Lies at its peak
In November this year, Nana Addo,  at the Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Center, told Presidents from ECOWAS, that he would readily hand over power when his term of office ends. He further stressed that he does not intend to alter Ghana`s electoral laws to extend his term of office or interfere with the 2024 General Election to favour any of the contesting political parties. This statement must be enough to scare  and terrify the Ghanaians including the NDC party. This is because Nana Addo is noted over the years, for doing the direct opposite to what he says.
Poverty / Life is Hard
Life is hard. Ghanaians are struggling for a meal or two a day; even that is difficult. Over six million Ghanaians have no jobs and are struggling to survive. Fuel prices are high, releasing a chain reaction leading to high- food, transport, water, electricity and commodity prices.    Fuel price in 2016, which was 16 Ghc per gallon (5 liter) is today selling at  35 Ghc per gallon. Taxes are many and unbearable and the e-Levy is certainly the last straw that will break the back of the 99 % camels suffering under of property owning democracy.

All this is happening because the President is a walking contradiction. He says one thing and does the direct opposite, regardless of his audience. It is on this basis that I am drawing the attention of Ghanaians to Nana Addo`s  speech at Kofi Annan International Peace Center.

Executive Director

Caucus for Mature Democrats (CMD)                                                                       
Dr E. K. Hayfod   



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