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Finance Minister meet with the leadership of the Minority in Parliament over E-Levy

A meeting between the Minister for Finance and the leadership of the Minority group over the controversial electronic transfer levy ended in deadlock.

The engagement, which took place in Parliament ended inconclusively following the failure of the parties to reach common ground.

According to CIti News sources, another meeting will be reconvened on Friday in search of an agreeable position on the tax measure that has sharply divided the house.

Members of the Minority caucus however have been whipped in line not to comment on the meeting or matters of the e-levy until the conclusion of negotiations

The E-levy is a new tax measure introduced by the government in the 2022 Budget on basic transactions related to digital payments and electronic platform transactions.

A charge of 1.75% will apply to electronic transactions that are more than GHS 100 on a daily basis.

In line with consultations, the government is holding a town mall meeting in Koforidua today, Thursday, on the controversial levy.

This is part of a series of engagements the government has planned with the aim of explaining the importance of the E-levy as well as taking feedback and inputs from relevant stakeholders on the levy.

The government also says the feedback will inform it on the implementation of the levy.



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