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Fighting Child Abuse With Social Justice And Education

Hajia Nadia Abbas Alhassan IV, the founder of the Nadisco Foundation, an NGO dedicated to aiding the underprivileged, has stated that child labour is still a widespread problem that is closely linked to social injustice, poverty, and illiteracy.

“Child labour is not just a simple problem with a single solution, it is deeply rooted in the socio-economic challenges that many communities face, and eradicating it requires a comprehensive strategy that addresses these underlying issues,” she said.

In a phone conversation with the Ghanaian Times yesterday, Hajia Alhassan IV—a fervent supporter of women’s and children’s rights—emphasized the need for a comprehensive strategy to solve the complex issues surrounding child labour. Hajia Alhassan IV emphasized that education is a key component in the fight against child labour and that it should be made available to all children, especially those living in underdeveloped areas, at no cost.

Education she said not only empowered children but also diminishes the economic pressures that often drive families to rely on child labour as a means of survival.

Legislation and enforcement, according to her, also play a crucial role in eradicating the menace.

She therefore called for the strengthening of laws that prohibit child labor, establishing minimum working ages, and regulating working conditions.

However, she stressed that effective law enforcement was equally vital to ensure compliance and deter exploitative practices.

Hajia Alhassan IV further underscored the significance of poverty alleviation as a key strategy in addressing the root causes of child labour.

“By implementing programmes that reduce poverty, create economic opportunities for families, and ensure fair wages for adults, the economic necessity for child labour can be alleviated.”

“Social protection programmes, including cash transfers and access to healthcare, also provide vital support to vulnerable families, reducing the need for children to work, ” she added.

According to Hajia Alhassan IV, raising awareness and advocating for children’s rights at all levels, remained crucial in the fight against child labour.

“By highlighting the negative consequences of child labour and mobilising support for eradication efforts, progress can be made in safeguarding the rights of children globally,” she said.

In the complete strategy to end the intolerable practice, she also emphasized the significance of supply chain openness, community engagement, monitoring and reporting procedures, and international cooperation.

Story By: Prince-Maxwell



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