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Engage and stop blaming me for your failures – Bagbin to Majority

The Speaker of Parliament Alban Bagbin has charged the majority in Parliament to engage in dialogue and build consensus with the minority in order to avoid the acrimony that characterized the last meeting of parliament.

The speaker has been blamed by the majority for failure to pass the E-Levy before the House went on a break last month.

But speaking at the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association workshop Bagbin stated the decision by both sides to marshall their numbers instead of reaching a consensus was to blame for the acrimony which resulted in a brawl and not the actions of he the speaker.

He, however, assured he will apply the rules without fear or favour as the House reconvenes on Tuesday, January 25.

“The only way is to get the two sides to consult and to dialogue with each other, to cooperate, to compromise, to collaborate to achieve consensus, this is an imperative imposed on us political leaders by the people of Ghana, we have no choice.

“So when the other side fails to gather their number and a decision doesn’t favour them, the Speaker cannot be the cause…I am not a member of parliament in Ghana.”

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