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Covid-19 Fresh Evidence For GHS Boss To Be Probed

Covid-19 Fresh Evidence For GHS Boss To Be Probed

Story: Prosper Kwaku Selassy Agbitor

A report has been presented to the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) of the Ghana Police Service (GPS) for the arrest and prosecution of the Director-General (D-G) of the Ghana Health Service (GHS), Dr Patrick Kuma-Aboagye.
This latest development followed a request by the CID to the Founder and President of Save the Nation for Future Leaders (SNFL), Mr Kwadwo Atta Apeakorang, to submit proof of claim that the coronavirus disease does not exist in Ghana.

A research conducted and presented to the CID by SNFL, a copy of which is in the possession of DAILY Analyst revealed that four crucial factors make it very difficult for the survival of the coronavirus in Ghana.

According to the report, the Ghanaian weather provides a good intensity of sunlight which destroys the virus eight times higher than scientists initially thought.

Similarly, the study references a briefing by the White House Coronavirus Task force, acting homeland security undersecretary for science and technology, William Bryan, who was quoted to have said that "solar light kills the virus both on surfaces and in the air."

He further added that exposure to direct sunlight and increasing temperature and humidity were unfavourable factors to the survival of the virus.

"By this revelation, we are scientifically convinced the coronavirus cannot withstand the Ghanaian weather and therefore the claim of its existence in Ghana is a scam," he stressed.

The research further espoused that the Ghanaian traditional dietary patterns of prekese, garlic, hwenteaa, ginger which contain vitamins C, D, E coupled with minerals such as calcium, copper and zinc provided bioactive compounds which possess antioxidants, and anti-thrombotic properties to help fight complications.
"If we were to admit that Covid-19 existed in Ghana, it will only remain a recessive virus," the study indicated.
It also points out that the nomadic nature of activities that the Ghanaian engages in would not be a fertile ground for the virus to fester.
According to SNFL, a quote from a study found in the British Journal of Sports Medicine indicates that routine physical activities help prevent serious Covid complications.
"We have been extremely concerned about the Covid-19 deaths Ghana has recorded and the circumstances surrounding the deaths. We are yet to identify a family that lost members to the pandemic and government had buried the deceased. We however, know of families that lost members but were permitted to bury them. Here, we wish to state that no family has been identified as ever losing any member to Covid-19," the research stated.
"We took it upon themselves to meet some Covid-19 patients who were not quarantined for fourteen days and take prescribed medications. Moreover, these people’s relatives with whom they lived were not contact-traced and tested let alone treated yet they lived healthy lives with no symptoms ascribed to the virus," it further indicated.
Only few of them, the research stated, received phone calls from nurses about whether or not they were taking their medications.
In one instance, a woman whose serum was taken for diagnosis received test result after forty-two days and was positive. However, while she waited for the test result, she had no symptoms.
The research disclosed that two female bankers who were declared positive later were asked to return to work because that proved to be false.
"Following the announcement that four police men in the Afram Plains tested positive, we visited the area to ascertain. To our deepest surprise, the officers in the area did not know who among them was positive because all worked their regular schedules and led normal healthy lives," the report said.
According to the report, prior to the induction of vaccines, less than 1% of patients died including ministers and even the President who at a point had to self-isolate.
In the light of the above, the founder and president, SNFL reiterated the call for the arrest and immediate prosecution of the GHS boss.
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