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Congratulations to all winners

The Executive members and all the grassroot members of SOS Meth branch of the great NDC party, congratulates all winners of our delegates conference yesterday Saturday 22 October 2022, and spurs or urges all our contestants who fell short not to consider themselves losers in our great NDC party for partly fulfilling the fundamental part of our delegates conference.

Fundamental in our view because, we have the Regional and National conferences ahead of us which is undoubtedly more of a communal labour to rescue Ghana from this clueless criminals, corrupt personalities and brainless thieves who probably, out of their ignorance of the fundamental rules and principles of governance, which is judicious use of public funds, probity and accountability among others, collapsed the Ghanaian economy.

Their gross failure led to the world economic rating bodies, DOWNGRADED our Economy to a JUNK status. It is a nationwide concern and fear that, if remedial and quick action is not taken to rescue Ghana from Npp, our emi



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