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Akufo-Addo’s ministers are “rotten eggs” – Ade Coker claims

The Greater Accra Regional Chairman of the opposition National Democracy Congress (NDC) Ade Coker believes the performance of the appointees of President Akufo-Addo’s administration is beyond abysmal. In the view of the experienced politician, the President’s minister’s actions amount to “rotten eggs” because they have failed woefully to implement policies they promised Ghanaians whiles seeking the votes of the electorates.

Buttressing his claim, Mr Coker cited the free SHS programme as a typical example of their failed policies. According to him, the free SHS policy which in the words of the NPP was to reduce the burden on parents and guardians as well as cater for the feeding and management of secondary schools in the country is not seen as stated.

He highlighted that not only has the government failed on the policy but has also contributed to the fallen academic performance of students under the free SHS. He alleged that due to the poor implementation of the programme, students are housed in overcrowded dormitories leaving them to contract different kinds of diseases, making them fall sick.

Ade Coker continued that due to the government’s inability to fulfil its promises, it has brought about a lot of debts in the country, a situation he said does not auger well for the next generation.

He said comparing the NDC’s term of office with the ruling government, there is a big difference which Ghanaians will concede to, adding that the opposition party is a better manager of the country.

To conclude, Ade Coker, who is seeking re-election added that the opposition looks very attractive in the eyes of Ghanaians, therefore Ghanaians should vote for them in 2024, to make Ghana work again although the hardship created by the government is undeniable.

BySamuel Sackey



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