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77% of Ghanaians believe the country is heading in wrong direction – Survey

A poll by Global Info Analytics has indicated that 77 percent of Ghanaians believe the country is heading in the wrong direction as of October. The survey noted that only 16 percent of Ghanaians believed the country was heading in the right direction.

Seven percent of the persons polled had no opinion on the direction of the country. The results of the survey were from a sample size of 5,661. The sample size was allocated to all the regions based on the total number of voters in each of the regions as per the EC 2020 register.

Ghana is currently in the midst of a cost-of-living crisis. The government is trying to support the economy with a deal from the International Monetary Fund. The cedi has depreciated significantly in recent months and has been pegged as the world’s worst-performing currency.

On whether the NPP can “Break the Eight” by earning a third successive term, approximately 70 percent of voters do not believe the NPP can win the 2024 election, whilst 19 percent believe the party can and 10 percent have no opinion.

Furthermore, according to the survey, approximately 46 percent of NPP voters do not believe the party can win the 2024 elections, compared to 43% who believe they can win.

by: Citi Newsroom



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