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4 more for Nana: Are you having fun yet?

Dr. Lawrence writes:

The most regrettable human beings on earth now are those who shouted “4 more for Nana” Now that the dollar is GHC15.00, inflation is almost 40% and a gallon of Petrol is GHC60.00, they have seen that they made such a useless noise in 2016, which they are now finding it extremely difficult to defend. In fact, some don’t think that Nana is still the President of Ghana.
Under the 4 more for Nana, we have seen for the first time, the Christian and the Pentecostal Council of Ghana held a joint service at a galamsey site, just so the activities of galamsey will stop. Do you see some madness here?
Under the 4 more for Nana, we have seen for the first, the Ghana Union of Traders Association (GUTA) have voluntarily closed their shops due to higher taxes and the depreciation of the cedi.
Under the 4 more for Nana, for the first time, the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) had to send their staff to stores to record the daily sales of those stores so they can tax them.
Under the 4 more for Nana, the Bank of Ghana had to send the police to arrest a few black marketeers so they can stop the free fall of the cedi. Are you having fun yet? Lol
Under the 4 more for Nana, the Ghana Education Service, which is a unique institution of its own, has a Director General, who is a Banker. The stupid reason they are giving is, it is the President who appoints. Meanwhile, this President has done nothing right. It is this same NPP President who openly campaigned for NDC, due to a simple demand from Ghanaians living in Kwabre and Manso.
Under the 4 more for Nana. Inflation is now at 40% and consumers had no option but to buy goods at prices quoted to them at first hand because prices will go up if they come the next hour.
Under the 4 more for Nana, increases of prices of Petrol are not announced, and there is always confusion amongst the various transport unions. These confusing and frustration are then put on the passengers and their identity as Ghanaians are lost. A gallon of Petrol is now selling at GHC60.00, just so you know.
Under the 4 more for Nana, the dollar is now GHC15.00 and importers and exporters are smelling pepper. The annoying part of it is that, the cedi is deprecating daily. Calculate how much people are losing if they import and the goods will have to arrive in three months time.
Under the 4 more for Nana, a normal person had to climb a high-tension pole and died due to hardships; UTAG, TEWU and three major Unions have threatened to strike, galamsey and corruption are fighting the government.
Do you know the number of madness and deaths this “4 more for Nana” has brought to homes?
Ladies and gentlemen, do we have to look on for inflation to hit 50%, a dollar to sell for GHC50.00, a bag of cement sells for GHC100, a gallon of Petrol sells for GHC80, our public debt hits GHC500 billion, before we know that we don’t have a country and a government?
Shouldn’t Parliament or a group of people read deep into our constitution to know that as a country, we can do something to this government before December 7, 2024? Hint: Even the British Prime Minister has resigned.

Mahama reba.
Dr. Lawrence is the Founder of the Diaspora Progressive Movement in USA.



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